Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In the beginning

Dearest family and friends,
Here we are in the promised land - in the Lutheran world Federation guest house, watching National geographic special iin the TV in the living room along with friends we met from Australin and Japan! Thanks be to God for bringing us safely here with no problems whatsover with air or land travel. Augusta Victorial Hospital sent us Michael the driver (reminded us of Arch angel Michael ) to meet us in the Volkswagon van. There are 20 guests from all over the world in the LWF guest house and we have met half of them already. At the Hospital cafeteria, we met several doctors, mostly residents and spent 2 hours drinking tea and walking around the beautiful hospital grounds. Life will defintly will be slower pace here.
This marble and stone building used to be King Kaiser of Germany's palace 100 years ago. As we stepped outside the hospital grounds we ran into a camel and his driver in blue jeans and sneakers. We saw West banks on one side and the old walled city of Jerusalem on the other side. What a privilege God has given us to live in such historical, Biblilical land for five weeks. John starts work at 8: 30 AM tomorrow. I have started net working already and will go down to grocery store etc. tomorrow. WE wish you a happy week. Love, Esther Kamali & John Prabhu

In Jerusalem

A hearty welcome

John at the entrance of the Hospital.

Esther at the sign inside the hospital which shows several agencies in the campus including World Vision.

Dr Mohammad Issa brother of Walid who is the guest of our good friend Kate Peer in Minneapolis. He and another surgical resident, Dr Aref gave us a tour of the Hospital grounds.

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Dr. Ernie said...

Yeah! Glad you made it safely.
Love, Ernie & Sandhya Prabhakar